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I just had a restless night of no sleep, sinus congestion and headache... so needless to say, I woke up this morning MISERABLE! I already had an appointment to see Rachel and it was too late to cancel... I walked in... congested, big bags under my eyes, ready to cry and I was super apologetic. Rachel offered to exclusively address my sinuses and immune system during our session. I did not know that her techniques would even apply to my symptoms, but I trusted her so I agreed. What a GOOD decision!! She knew exactly where to work (I didn't realize that there were so many pressure points related to immune support and sinus function and she was spot ON!)... She then ended the session with at-home suggestions for continued relief (peppermint oil was a nice touch, Rach!)... I went home to rest and as I am laying down, I realized that I had less sinus pressure and I could BREATHE!!!!!! =) What a RELIEF! I was truly appreciative. THANKS SO MUCH RACHEL!!! It was a great learning experience today!

Cris B

Westbury, NY

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"I hurt my back about 2 1/2 years ago. I went to a local Chiropractor who treated me for months, 2-3 times a week. After each treatment, my pain relief was very temporary. Lasting only a day or two, I was not happy with the results and looked for another solution. I spoke to people who suffered from back pain and they recommended massage therapy. Just by luck I found Rachel. She was able relieve my back pain more so then ever before. After a session with Rachel I had no pain for weeks, eventually the pain slowly came back but it was manageable. Rachel went out of her way to help me, even gave me stretching advice which my previous Chiropractor never did. She seemed to really care and that is why I am writing this review. I highly recommend Rachel."


Peter L

Bayside, NY


"I've been going to Rachel for a couple of years now. She's highly trained and very professional. At my job, I'm sitting all day long which sometimes leads to leg cramps. She knew exactly how to solve my problem. Now I go monthly just for maintenance. I highly recommend her."


Peter B

Roslyn, NY

"Very skilled therapist.  Had a knot in my back that Rachel gently got rid of, and then proceeded to eliminate about a dozen more.  Easy to schedule and very affordable.  Highly recommended!"


Alex P.

Hicksville, NY


Hi Rachel,


It's Linda. Just a little FYI... lol


As I drove home I realized all my mirrors needed to be adjusted.  They were too low.  The massage and stretch has me sitting taller in my seat!!!  Great job!  Thank you.

Here from Los Angeles on vacation and came across this place on groupon. Appt. set up was easy, arrived early and was taken early! The massage was very nice, she worked on my trouble areas and included some stretching to loosen up. I will be visiting NY again soon and will be back here. I def. recommend her.


Patrick F.



Rachel is very professional. She is a massage therapist that really knows how to listen, and then target the area that has the problem. She gives suggestions on how to maintain balance, and to avoid blocks that cause the problem. She explains how to exercise/diet, and shares the correct treatment recommended to heal the body. As a happy, healthy balance is important, she recommends supplements that contribute to your well being. I highly recommend her, and give her 5 stars.


Elizabeth L.

Medford, NY

My wife went to Rachel about a week or two ago and really loved it! My wife has had a bunch of different massages before in the past, but the one with Rachel she said seemed to be extra special. Rachel wasn't giving just any old massage, my wife noted how scientific her techniques were! Overall, a great massage for a very fair price!


Mike M.

East Meadow, NY



After my treatment I felt relief in my rotator cuff and knee pain. Today I am walking so much better. Amazing!

Fred L.

Medford, NY

The anxiety is gone! I feel energized - clearer and ready to begin the long day ahead of me. I usually wake up at 3:00 am with a palpitation in my chest and have to breathe through my mouth and exhale through my nose for relief. Didn't happen last night Thank you Rachel you’re a miracle worker.


Liz L.


I was a smoker for 27 years. Then I saw Rachel, and after a few sessions of acupuncture, I have been smoke free. Thank you Rachel. I feel healthier and more positive now that there is no smoking in my life. I love the positive atmosphere at your new location, and I wish you great success there. I will recommend you whenever I can.


David S.

Centereach, NY

I absolutely love getting a massage from Rachel. Whenever I walk out of her office, I love that I am so relaxed. She knows exactly how to de-stress my body. Thank you Rachel. I love your new office! Lots of luck.


Eileen G.

Roslyn, NY

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